Thailand national team won the Asia Games preseason game, the first since the war . Rajamangala slice open the Burmese set 1-0 from the penalty spot of tea Warwickshire Chapelle ‘s fluff second half by the 90-minute football game unbeaten Thailand folding one. But it ‘s also irrational Chai warm spell his first game after previously being defeated Police 0-1 to Bangkok United 2-1 shot to overtake the queue wait to get warmer next game sbo Kuwait set at Sunday, May 25 . Supachai 18.00

Thailand men’s national soccer team Preparation battle the Asian Games 2014 in Incheon . Korea Under the control of the reins of ” coach Zico ” Glory Sena city manager and team staff sbo has led his team down the field to warm up for the national team of Myanmar Full preparation Wade AFC Challenge Cup 2014 . this warm-season games , the Maldives tournaments at the Rajamangala National Stadium at 18:00 am on Wednesday, 14 May 57 .

The preliminary results of the Thailand national team through to the Asian Games two rounds , losing 0-1 Police on 19 Mar 57 , losing to Bangkok United 1-2 on 24 May . York . . 57th the Burmese had hot pies SCG Muang Thong United 1-2 on 12 May 57 game, ” coach Zico ” Glory Sena city Thailand national team coach . The Asian Games , the first 11 races in the formation 4-3-3 sbo goalkeeper Chanin clan Aie line 4 from right to left at a hot spring , Panupong Wongsa , fronting Prom Love , p . 3 drug midfielder Pat Notebook Chai tea Warwickshire Chapelle ‘s fluff , can rush well , cover infinite striker Kirk effect 3 Tweet Kan , headed South fort Sri Bubpa and Chattanooga Room in the vehicle packet .

While Myanmar , under the control of Afghan Rico Rhode News Mobile County , former Singapore national football team . A football player to see the entire range of vehicles Piang , including Aung Win Kang is played at the Tour of Myanmar’s third striker in this game. Warm-up match of the Thailand national team sbo the Asian Games has been honored by “Big cock ” ipad ipad former manager of Thailand . Continues to encourage cheering on the sidelines .

The star of the game in the first half. Thailand national team in all red . Myanmar is in the blue dress at Thailand national team to win the first of five strokes off the right side of the cover afforded to choose infinity before breaking fast immediately. Sbo ball too softly into the envelope, Mr. Dan Myanmar comfortable.

Wasan Hall at 10 am at right-back national team Thailand . Ball up front before a deep cross to the second pole Kirk effect multiplied Kan sbo beat volley with the left. But the ball is too light

During the first 15 minutes Burma freezing up. Thailand national team fold unilateral invasion .

At 25 VII overwhelmingly infinite open edge of the right side. A depth of two pole Kirk effect multiplied buds as sbo Kan beat but the ball into the hands of Mr. Dan Myanmar again.

PM 29 is a long shot chance of Burma from the spacecraft Piang but the ball slipped away.

At 35 Kirk effect is multiplied Kan Kelley Carey edge left, back left Notebook finish filling up Ya cross deep to the second pole . By pretending to head headed out the fort intact rock , but the city’s chief of Myanmar has reached grabbed by sbo time remaining in the first half of Thailand is off the scoreboard did not finish the first 45 minutes of Thailand SET Asia. Games are always a huge Myanmar 0-0.

Back ahead in the second half , both teams no substitution at 49 of Thailand ‘s health team , as expected, Carey notes on the finish medicine ball into the penalty area before being knocked down, gathered the support of Myanmar . Prem and pan Wong sbobet thai the referee blew for a penalty of Thailand and is slowly Warwickshire Chapelle , who had volunteered Shaggy does not miss beat Thailand 1-0 lead .

At 57 “coach Zico ” Glory Sena city turns off the player first , then send out love prom fronting sbo Watcharas Sakon Sakon yard to play in positions Esnetarsals instead.

Am, 60 Division -rival of a shot of Kang at first to be safe Chanin couture Sword Clan Sword by Aie sbo two vehicles came into focus Piang struck in the frame, but still be safe Chanin again.

Thailand turns up to 3 hrs 62 increasingly studied in the intact rock fortress headed out , Pakorn Prem Foosriboon Tannu Trulli and Sri Guard Gen. sbo Adisakdi smell Kosum instead VII infinite.

At 65 Cheriton Shaab rhythm matched the fluff has a shining tackles . But the ball was batted away.

At 67 Bodin Verawat sniffing Nova was sent down the right-back position instead of at a hot spring sbo .

Thailand national team at 73 , set the ball nicely before Adisakdi Kosum smell will finish with a dash sbo far , but the ball still pack the defense of Burma.

Studied increasingly in use at 76 Speedway surpassed the quarterback before breaking a foot sbo Burma , but Burma ‘s defense is blocked immediately.

Hughes was substituted at 77 Thanaboon Ekā¸Ša replaces Shari’a in Chapelle ‘s fluff .

Time left Thailand to win a single game continues. But I still can not finish the game drew the second seed sbo Thailand The Asian Games national team finish spelling his first preseason game was a huge beat Myanmar 1-0 after two rounds earlier to warm up stretch.
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